Knight’s installer called before arriving, arrived on time as discussed, was very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. The install was quick and spot-on perfect. The installer then quickly cleaned up and showed me TV-mounting adjustments before leaving.

Bottom line: if you are looking here on Yelp for home theater services, save yourself time by just calling Knight Enterprises for home theater, security, and smart-home services.Jay W. - Pro Service Customer

TV Wall Mount Installation


Mounted TV Installation
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied TV mounting bracket
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware
  • Cord concealment within provider-supplied cover
  • TV cannot be mounted above a fireplace
  • TV mounting is for drywall only
  • Mounting brackets requiring assembly by the pro may result in a revised estimate
  • Cord concealment within wall using a provider-supplied power cord management kit to create new outlet behind TV
  • If no wall mount has been purchased, we can provide the wall mount
  • Specialized wire configurations

TV on Stand Installation


Installing your TV on a Stand
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied TV on a customer supplied stand
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardware
  • Cord concealment within provider-supplied cover
  • Assemble TV stand
  • Moving electrical outlets
  • In-wall Wiring

Home Audio Installation


Home Audio Installation, Sound Bar, Speakers
  • Moving speakers and receiver to desired location
  • Calibration of speakers and receiver
  • Connecting speakers and components to power source
  • Running provider-supplied wire from outside power source to speakers and receiver
  • Cord concealment within existing wall – drywall only
  • Basic functionality walk through
  • Connect audio system to smart remote
  • Specialized wall mounting of speakers
  • Assembly of furniture necessary to hold all equipment
  • Specialized cord concealment
  • Multiple room home audio set up
  • Syncing home audio to Smart Home technology

Wireless Network Setup


Wireless Network Setup - Multiple Devices
  • Installation of customer supplied Wireless router
  • Installation of needed router software on one computer
  • Set up password protect network
  • Connect as many as five devices to your wireless network
  • File sharing and other computer related tasks like setting up other software (IE: MS Office)
  • Connecting more than five devices to the wireless network
  • Installation of amplifiers for broader wireless coverage
  • Assembly of furniture required to hold computer as well as connecting needed computer wiring

Fan Installation or Replacement


Fan Installation for Home Residence
  • Cutting hole in ceiling and mounting electrical box
  • Running power to mounting location
  • Assembling, mounting and wiring 1 customer-supplied fan
  • Attaching blades, lights and chains (as needed)
  • Specialized wiring
  • Additional fans
  • Connecting fan to wireless or smart home set ups
  • Fan installation above 14 ft. 

New/Replace Outlet Installation


Wireless Network Setup - Multiple Devices
  • Removing existing outlets
  • Installing customer-supplied AFCI outlet at existing location
  • Testing AFCI functionality
  • Moving outlet to a new location
  • Additional outlets



Assembly - Exercise Equipment, Windows, Various Home Goods
  • Assembly of one customer-supplied item per product instructions
  • Removal of packaging materials
  • Set up for item will be done at its final location in the customer’s home
  • Multiple items to assemble
  • Specialized wiring for item
  • Wire concealment
  • Linking item to smart home and wireless networks

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Requires Survey

Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station - ChargePoint
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied EV charging station within specific equipment guidelines and regulations
  • Run outlet and wiring as necessary for completion of installation
  • Verify outlet is up to AFCI standards
  • Test the charging station with customer’s electric vehicle to verify everything is working 
  • If you require a Charging Station, we can provide one. Amount for Charging Station will be added to your quote
  • Multiple Charging Station installation
  • Commercial Charging Station installation  

Security Camera Installation


Security Camera Mounted and Installed
  • Camera placement consultation
  • Mounting of up to 2 customer-supplied cameras
  • Running cables from cameras to customer-supplied monitor or recording device
  • Concealing cables in walls, attic or conduit (onsite inspection may result in additional costs)
  • Programming and tutorial for system use
  • Additional cameras
  • WiFi set up and linking of cameras to Smart Home and other technology
  • Specialized wiring and concealment
  • Mounting cameras above 10-14 ft.

Generator Installation

Requires Survey

Security Camera Mounted and Installed
  • Survey of home or business to identify needed materials
  • Installation of Generator, Automatic Transfer Switch, and all other working parts required by a licensed electrician
  • Total estimate will include pricing of the Generator, Automatic Transfer Switch, misc. parts and materials, labor, and all other necessary expenses for installation
  • Cleanup of extra materials and residue after install
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Additional units
  • Gas line extension
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Specialized Equipment